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We have been consulted & mentoring healthcare professionals through the next stages of their development for many years.


It’s not just about you: where’s your team at? An Turas can run workshops across the spectrum of leadership, followership and teamwork. Taking the view that these are skills that can be developed.
This work is of particular value for teams who are changing the way that they work. For example transitioning to or from remote working.

Innovation Boards

Focussing on the most senior leaders in an organisation, An Turas’ Innovation Boards provide an opportunity for those leaders experiencing loneliness at the top to have a facilitated discussion with peer leaders from other organisations about their challenges and successes.

Hosted by An Turas, Chief Executive Officers come together in a safe space in order to share opportunities and threats. CEOs gain the support and feedback from critical friends. These boards typically occur remotely either monthly or quarterly depending on the CEO’s needs.

Talent Identification

Are they right for you?
Recruiting talent remains critical to organisations’ successes and fraught with risk. The traditional application and interview process is widely recognised as flawed yet continues to be the mainstay of selection.
An Turas can offer an independent voice in the identification of talent including attendance on interview panels or assessment days.

Our Partners

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At the heart of CPDme is the ability to accurately and easily record your professional development and maintain an accurate record of your CPD.

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Challenge The Wild specialises in providing events to charities, companies, the public sector and private groups.

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We believe that ground truth experience, coupled with innovative & dynamic teaching , TacMed UK provides outstanding learning environments.

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St Emlyn’s are a team of emergency medicine & critical care specialists  working to improve the education of clinicians & the care of patients.

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Ross Fisher is p cubed presentations, which is a concept about presentations and how to improve them. The aim is to share ideas about presentations, their construction, design and delivery such that the message is not lost.