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Save And

Improve Lives


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We Believe

An Turas is Gaelic for The Journey. We believe that investing in leadership is the critical step in solving your organisation’s problems.

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The Problem

The Standish Group report less than 50% of projects succeed, and that number is dropping. Effective leadership is the differentiator. 

The Solutions

Whatever you are seeking to improve we offer complete leadership solutions to improve your teams’ performances.

Executive Coaching

Our bespoke one-to-one executive coaching focuses on those key individuals in an organisation who make the difference in achieving the organisation’s goals.


Beyond executive coaching, An Turas has the experience and expertise to support teams and systems with industry leading consultation.

The Solutions

An Turas’ consultants & coaches are experienced leaders that employ the power of listening to understand your problems.

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Improving & Saving Lives

St Emlyn's Emergency Medicine Logo

An Turas’ Managing Director Drew “Rusty” Carroll has shared his own wellbeing journey in order to be able to reduce illness related stigma in the workplace. 

CPD Me - Development For Life

Watch the webinar, Applying For The Right Job in The Right Way, by An Turas’ Managing Director Drew “Rusty” Carroll. You can watch the webinar here. You can join CPDme here.

GP Excellence - Greater Manchester

An Turas has contributed a number of blogs and podcasts to the Greater Manchester General Practice Excellence website.


Phemcast Podcast - Episode 17

An Turas’ Managing Director Drew “Rusty” Carroll has contributed to other podcasts, often with the goal of leading change in the challenging sphere of staff wellbeing. You can find them here.

Life in the fastlane

An Turas’ Managing Director Drew “Rusty” Carroll’s first podcast appearance from back in 2016. This reveals some of the stepping stones behind An Turas’s development. You can view the podast here.