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Education: your path to growth

An Turas supports organisations seeking to deliver medical education governed by organisations such as ALSG and RCUK. 

Free session to get you started.

We never want money to get in the way of success. Come and meet us, the first sessions is free. 

Getting promoted

Find out more about our Leadership and Career Coaching services. Designed to guide Healthcare Professionals succeed through proven and tested methods. 

St Emlyn's Emergency Medicine Logo

An Turas’ Managing Director Drew “Rusty” Carroll has shared his own wellbeing journey in order to be able to reduce illness related stigma in the workplace. 

CPD Me - Development For Life

Watch the webinar, Applying For The Right Job in The Right Way, by An Turas’ Managing Director Drew “Rusty” Carroll. You can watch the webinar here. You can join CPDme here.

GP Excellence - Greater Manchester

An Turas has contributed a number of blogs and podcasts to the Greater Manchester General Practice Excellence website.


Phemcast Podcast - Episode 17

An Turas’ Managing Director Drew “Rusty” Carroll has contributed to other podcasts, often with the goal of leading change in the challenging sphere of staff wellbeing. You can find them here.

Life in the fastlane

An Turas’ Managing Director Drew “Rusty” Carroll’s first podcast appearance from back in 2016. This reveals some of the stepping stones behind An Turas’s development. You can view the podast here.