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Career Coaching

Designed exclusively for medical professionals seeking personalised guidance in their career development. Whether you prefer face-to-face interactions, or the flexibility of online sessions, our tailored approach ensures that your needs are met with precision and expertise. We are here to support you in your path to promotion!

Our coaching options

Face-to-face, Outdoor Coaching

Our informal, 90-minute outdoor coaching sessions enables a deeper trust between you and your coach, helping you achieve your goals over a cup of coffee!

Online Coaching

With the option to connect virtually, receive 50 minutes of expert guidance and support, tailored to suit your needs and commitments.

What is included

Free 30 minute coaching chemistry session

Email support in between your sessions

Detailed notes following each session


Tailored coaching to your needs


A clear plan


We can support you with: examples

CV support

Interview progression

Strategy planning


We offer coaching in blocks of three.

Face to face: £799

Online: £399


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I senior enough for coaching?

Coaching can have an impact at any stage of your career, yes we cater to those in and seeking roles at the highest levels, but we have not forgotten where we came from and how we made it here. We are happy to discuss coaching anyone with a commitment to develop.

How long are the sessions?

Online coaching lasts 50 minutes per session

In-person coaching lasts 90 minutes per session