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Drew "Rusty" Carroll

Managing Director

Rusty has over three decades of public service. This has created a myriad of insights into professional and personal life. The principle of service is consistent throughout his life and this now manifests as being in the service of others in order that they may save and improve lives.

His vision for An Turas is to become a resource for those seeking to develop their careers and improve their performance. Growth is iterative, and recognising this even informed the naming of An Turas - it means “the journey”. Whether it be on a course, during coaching or in the delivery of consulting services Rusty starts with setting an example of leadership and supports people and organisations to progress on their journeys.

Rusty Carroll Profile

Lauren Crawley

As Head of Business Development, Lauren drives business growth and develops strategic partnerships. By utilising her travel experiences, she capitalizes on a rich tapestry of global insights, tapping into diverse cultures and markets to discover innovative pathways for growth.

Connor Holah

The An-Turas website, tech and business infrastructure is handled by Connor Holah. He provides services through Operation Overwatch, a venture he set up to offer business and marketing support to Veteran owned organisations. Connor has years working as a full-stack developer and in project management, he also serves in the infantry with the Army Reserve.